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Promotional Travel

Holiday Travel of America is a travel incentive marketing company. We are not like a traditional travel agency that you call to make travel arrangements. In most cases we don’t call the airlines or hotels directly to book your trip; rather we have contracted suppliers with whom we purchase our travel packages. Your voucher is always based on space availability and first come is first served.

Historically, the travel industries slowest time for travel is midweek (Tuesday – Thursday). Cruise lines, hotels and airlines offer less expensive travel during the week than they do on the weekends, because they do not want to be left with empty rooms, empty cabins, or empty seats. They lose money when they are empty. Approximately 30-45 days out, unused inventory is sold at deeply discounted rates to many different types of companies. These companies create wholesale “packages” and sell them in bulk to companies like Holiday Travel of America.

This is how we are able to offer a complimentary trip less taxes. These are pre-designed “packages” that cannot be altered; therefore we cannot change the flights or accommodations without being charged extra. Deviations from what the voucher offers are considered a customized / upgraded trip and no longer a pre-designed “package” (i.e.: if you want to extend your stay or upgrade your accommodations). You can customize your trip to your satisfaction and the amount you paid for your tax/port deposit will be applied towards any upgrade cost.

Example: 20 people request June 1 and we purchased 10 packages for this date. This means that the first 10 will travel on June 1 and the next 10 will move to their next requested date. If their next date is not available, new dates must be provided to process. It is always first come, first served. It is very similar to a Frequent Flyer program. Airlines will hold a predetermined amount of seats on a plane for “free” travel and when they are gone, you either select a new time or different dates. If you still only want that specific flight, then an upgrade is necessary and you have to pay for the flight. It is the same concept.

In a nutshell, with promotional travel you will get confirmed, however you have to be patient and flexible. Sometimes it does take time and changing your dates might be necessary – that is why vouchers expire one year from the date of issue. We suggest contacting us approximately 45 days prior to the first requested date, preferably through email.

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