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We have compiled the most commonly asked questions over the last two years. If you see your question, please click on it for the answer. If you do not see your question, please use the form provided.

What type of accommodations will I receive with this trip?

All vouchers provide standard economy rooms, similar to a Holiday Inn, Days Inn or Ramada Inn.

Can I upgrade my accommodations?

Yes. Let your agent know you are interested in upgrading and they will provide a variety of options. If you have not mailed in your voucher yet, you can indicate your upgrade requests at that time.

Can you see if my dates are available?

Unfortunately there are many variables that affect availability. Once you send in your requested dates, your agent will contact you to provide this information.

Can I change my offer to something else?

Once your agent has received your request and contacts you, let them know you are interested in another offer and they will see what is available.

I was unaware there was a deadline to mail in my voucher, can I still send it in?

To keep it fair to the people who abide by the Privileges & Procedures, if your deadline has passed we will not be able to accept a late registration.

My guest is handicapped. Can we get an accessible room or cabin?

Yes. Let your agent know that you require handicap access and they will arrange for your special needs

Is transfer included from the airport to our hotel?

No. Please let your agent know you need a transfer or a rental car and they can assist you.

Are the dates on the Privileges & Procedures the only dates I can travel?

Yes. Those dates are the time frame in which our contracts give us the availability.

Can I fax over my voucher to you?

No. We need to receive your original voucher within the time frame required.

Can I extend my airfare to come back at a later date? I plan on getting my own accommodations.

Yes. Let your agent know what your plans are and they will give you a price on your airfare.

Why can’t you just tell me what dates are available, so I can pick one?

Promotional travel is fulfilled based on requests and what is available at the time of request. From time to time, and considered the exception not the rule, we are given certain dates that are available which we book right away.

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